Personal Physiotherapy Services in Sports


We have a passion for people and we love to see people enjoying their health. We want to see everyone being happy in our spa. We create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for clients to feel confident, relaxed and at peace. Our mission is to help clients enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle while they unwind from their busy day in life. We offer different massage and bodywork treatments to cater to each individual's needs. We understand that all of our services are customised to the client's needs, whether they are in need of a deep tissue or relaxing treatment, or a quick stretching session.

We are a team of entrepreneurs, professionals and engineers with years of experience in the mobile and web based healthcare industry. We offer a comprehensive range of services from online booking, mobile app development, mobile app management and mobile app testing. We are known to deliver the best quality services within a reasonable time. We strive for excellence and we believe in providing clients the very best possible service. We have a friendly and knowledgeable team that has the ability to manage the growing business. We aim to deliver the best quality service and we are committed to delivering the best quality service to our clients.

As a trusted partner in the healthcare industry, we believe our technology solutions can deliver solutions to our customers that would not be possible with our own expertise. The business focuses on growing our clients’ business by growing our revenue and delivering superior customer service. We are looking to scale our business in order to meet the demand. We believe our business model will allow us to deliver the superior quality of service our clients expect. We believe our market is growing rapidly worldwide.

Our innovative delivery and interactive technology is customised for each case, our friendly service and highly qualified team is our biggest asset. We provide a complete service and make sure our clients get the most out of the service they receive. Our team ensure that our clients receive the best care they deserve with all the technology they need. We provide a tailored approach to our clients needs; our approach is to give them quality services at a great value.

We’re a Melbourne-based, independent online healthcare and wellness agency. We’re focused on helping people with their personal healthcare needs by developing, supporting and managing their health systems. Our team of 35 healthcare professionals, both experienced and new to the industry, are specialists in the areas of: diagnosing and treating conditions and injuries, prescribing and managing medications, coordinating and overseeing a health team, and managing and monitoring a health care team. We’re proud to have a dedicated team of doctors, medical technologists, nurses and physiotherapists who focus on health and wellbeing in the health care team.

Our team of eight skilled therapists have been trained by renowned elite medical professionals. We have extensive experience in the field of medicine and have been honored by the HSA as the 'Best Mobile Massage Team' by Innovators and are a member of the AMMA Society.

Our aim is to help clients achieve their health and wellness goals. We aim to provide our clients with a great experience and always strive to give back to the community. We offer a range of spa services including: Hot/Cold stone massage, Spa Chair massage, body wraps, facial treatments, head wraps, body scrubs and bath bombs, as well as a range of spa products and services that can be added to any spa business.

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