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Our vision is to create a sports-loving community that inspires and provides good value for money. We are confident that our vision can achieve this. We think that we can do it because we are committed to everything we do, and we are committed to being the best at everything we do. We're not just a sports club, we're a lifestyle club. We're not just a club, we're a family business. We're a business, we're a family. At the core of our ethos is the mission of creating an environment where young people can live out their dreams. We're not just a sports club, we're a family business. We're a business, we're a family.

We have a wide range of professional skills which includes:* Basic English proficiency * French or Spanish * Knowledge in photography, marketing and event planning * Marketing experience at the highest levels - national level – BOCA in Spain* Advanced knowledge of advertising and media management/communications * Able to provide creative ideas for your corporate product * Creative writing is our strongest skill. I am a graphic designer working with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Office.

Our vision is that the National Football Leagues would be the only independent football league in the world to achieve this.We have a strong financial position and the facilities we have in place are fully capable to carry out our mission. The League had a turnover of £1.6 million for the year ending March 2008 and £884,000 in revenue from the registration of players. We also have a strong relationship with other players to continue to develop our brand development and to raise awareness of the league.

We are a new team, an existing team, or a newly formed team. Our aim is to create a fun, exciting and creative team that is dedicated to the whole of football. The Team is a fun place where you will get to enjoy football. The Team is a fun place where you will get to enjoy football. The Team is a fun place where you will get to enjoy football.

We understand the challenges of achieving a perfect team environment in an ever-changing competition atmosphere. The Sports School brings you this solution to help your kids play competitively every week regardless their age (and any differences). All ages welcome!

I am a Professional and experienced Freelance Football Coach and an experienced player. I am a member of the United Kingdom Football Association and I played a part in the Elite Academy. I have also done a lot of coaching in the past in a local FA cup and FA Youth Cup. I have also worked in the football development industry for a number of years, starting my career in 2005 as a technical trainer/manager at a Football Development Academy. This is where I was able to develop and help develop players from the age of 10. I then went on to work in the youth football industry for the past three years.

A large number of our team have been based in the UK for some time; they all come with a passion to do great work at the forefront their minds. We believe that Football is one sport where young kids who play it regularly around the world will be able put themselves out there by playing its most popular game as well.

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