Know about Marathon Events

Know about Marathon Events


Our philosophy is to help people to achieve their fitness goals. We have a unique approach to helping people by developing the training, nutrition, and support that is appropriate for their specific goals. We have an unwavering commitment to supporting and educating our members and encouraging them to get healthier and more fit. We're always ready to get involved and help our members reach their goals. About us: We are the one who makes the difference. We are the ones who guide the athlete to the best form of training. We are the ones who help them develop their body in the right way.

This marathon is being organised by a local community group which has decided to support this event with a 3% entry fee. This year we will have a new race day registration option so we would advise you to register for this race before the end of the year so that you have the best chance of participating.

We are a group of dedicated runners who are dedicated to providing support, encouragement, motivation, and an awesome group of people to run with. We are a community of like-minded people who are committed to achieving our goals together. We are a group of like-minded people who love running. We have a collective heart of support which means that we don't allow anyone to break through and we don't allow anyone to take advantage of us. With us, you can expect to meet like-minded people and an awesome group of people who love running. We are all passionate about running. We are all in it together.

This marathon is run by volunteers and run by local kids. There is only one place to run this marathon and that is the Kids On The Trail, an event that starts and ends outside the Aon Institute. This race is open to all ages, races can be modified for all ages, and can take place on trails or pavement. The event is also family friendly, so don't forget to bring a friend! The Aon Trail is a friendly and fun event.

This marathon is suitable for runners of all abilities, from those preparing to take their first steps to those looking to kick the tyres and try their hand at distance running. Come join us for a journey that will push you to new heights, and enjoy the benefits that running has to offer.

We are the ultimate community focused organisation, and we believe that running can and should be a part of the whole life. Through our team of professionals we provide high-quality running training, motivational support, motivational events, and a range of other support services. We run, we walk, we swim, we cycle, we run again, and we will continue to run until we die. Our motto is "The Runners Way" and we take the health and wellbeing of our members very seriously. We want to help you live your best life, and together we will help you run your best life!

This marathon is for all runners, regardless of ability, age, gender, nationality, background or any other identifying factor. We also have a 2k and 3k option for each marathon.

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