Know about Horse Racing Events

Know about Horse Racing Events


This is a great opportunity for you to interact with the race. You can: • Participate in the first ever free round-the-circuit event in Europe. Participate in the grand-prix, a pre-race party on horseback, and the pre-race dinner. Take part in the training, racing and post-race feast. View the horses in action and try your hand at the sprint, jockey and trampoline events.

The Southern Classic is a 48 hour timed event based in the North East of England and runs from Tuesday 28th November to Sunday 29th November, 2019. The event offers great opportunities for people to race, train and take part. It's available to people of all ages and abilities and has an entry fee that is £25 for adult & £20 for a child aged eight to 16. Registration open to new registrants from Wednesday 16th November to Thursday 1st December 2019.

The Staunton Stathwaite Classic is a free and open event held in the heart of Staunton, Virginia. It’s a family friendly event, open to all, which is held on the Saturday after the Staunton Stathwaite Marathon and 20-mile races. The Staunton Stathwaite Classic is a 50k horse race that takes place on a beautiful natural track with a topography suitable for both horse racing and training. The Staunton Stathwaite Classic is open to everyone who wants to enjoy horse racing at its best.

I am very proud to announce this is now the official name of the horse show. We have been a member of the Horse Racing Federation since 1997 when we first ran, as a group. Although we now have a general membership, the majority of the showroom is still run by the board and staff that have been at the site for many years. To date we have sold over 3,000 horses to more than 1,000 public and private sponsors.

Horse Park, a place for all who want more out of their horse-related events. Horse Park is a place to practice new riding techniques, to learn new tricks, to play games like table tennis, badminton and more. Our goal is to make events that are fun while still challenging your horse’s abilities. For our main goal, we want to expand the horizons of what is possible in horse-related events.

The Isthmian Goat Farm Race Course is a 5-mile race course which starts and finishes at the Millbrook Farm. The race is open to riders of all abilities, from novice to experienced rider with a keen interest in sheep. It is open to all levels of ability and is suitable for all abilities. The Isthmian Goat Farm Race Course is an ideal way to start your goat journey with Isthmian Zoo.

This year’s event will take place at The Stables, on the grounds of the Horse Guards Association. This will be a fantastic opportunity to see the horses of Stables 2 in action and give back to the community. It will be a chance to get a behind the scenes look at our horses' training, and a chance to win some fantastic prizes. To enter, guests can either be adults (with valid reason for entry) or children aged 10 and under.

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