Know about Concert Events

Know about Concert Events


This is an opera festival to celebrate the life of one of London’s most celebrated boys choirs. This is an event to be watched. The programme is a wide-ranging one, with music from Bethoven to Erik Satie, reflecting the varied work of the Schola. About Bethoven: Bethoven is an Italian composer, born in Venice in 1920.

The concert was conceived as a celebration of the Schola and the great choral repertoire, which has been composed and performed by the Schola Choir for over a century. Concerts are now a popular and varied way of engaging audiences with the music of the Schola and the wider Schola Choir, and have become an essential part of the concert experience for many audiences across the UK.

Concerts are held in the heart of London’s galleries and museums. The show will be a showcase of the finest contemporary music from around the world, which will be accompanied by an interactive performance of live music, featuring live performances from Bethoven and Satie, and a selection of video works and photography. The programme is for all ages, from beginners to more advanced audiences.

The Orchestra of the Prince of Wales was formed in the early 1950’s as an alternative to the British Army Band, and has played for several hundred years. It was given the new name ‘The Prince’s Prince Band’ in 1956, and has been in operation ever since. The Prince’s Prince Band is also a highly respected company of professional musicians.

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is a professional, state-of-the-art instrument-making ensemble based in London. Formed in 1883, the orchestra has played in over 2,000 operas, recorded more than 400 albums and toured the world. The orchestra is the only professional orchestra in the world to have won both the World Championship of Orchestras (2001) and the Royal Philharmonic Competition (2007).

This is the first of a two-part programme celebrating the work of Bethoven and his brother, who was one of the founding members of the Schola in London and also a founding member of the Schola in Vienna. The Schola in London is a music hall and opera house that is run by Bethoven’s brother, George.

This year the Schola concert was held in celebration of its 40th anniversary, with a concert of the opera, conducted by the Schola, being held on the Saturday before Christmas. The concert will be played on the Friday before Christmas.

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