Know about Art and Ceramics

Know about Art and Ceramics


❤🅐Our studio also offers private lessons for the arts, crafts, home decor and gardening and our classes are perfect for intermediate and advanced students. Our studio also offers workshops such as shaping, turning, glazing, engraving, ceramic finishing and more. Come work with us and discover the wonderful world of the arts and crafts! We specialize in clay, ceramic, glazing, cutting, glazing and artisanship.

Our teachers are highly skilled in the arts and we offer over 15 years experience teaching at many different locations (including schools).All classes offered at Studio Q2 are either online or mobile available if needed.If you're interested but don't see the time that works for your schedule, there's always an option to book via phone!

Every day is different. The first week we focus on learning how to make the ceramic bowl, the second week we practice different techniques. We also teach workshops on various techniques, all of which we individually teach. Our classes rotate every week, letting each instructor know how to keep up with the newest ceramic techniques, as well as the best practice tips. On the second week, students are presented with ceramic bowls to practice their technique. In this week, we will practice clay pots and we will have a pottery class to practice on.

Our studio is equipped with a large array of tools such as a variety of fire burners, cutting boards, spray bottles, rakes, spoons and much more. We also offer some special classes. We are a community dedicated to helping people with their healing arts and the knowledge we obtain through our workshops and classes. Each of us has a unique learning experience that makes our practice unique.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining a workshop or private lesson. Our workshops are made with love, and are designed to help you learn new things. We also offer private lessons, which are made with love, and are designed to help you learn new things.

You will receive an intuitive approach on how you can use ceramics with other art forms like traditional painting or drawing.

The students are in the same class and we all share the same goal. We are a small, friendly studio located in the heart of downtown Lakeland. We offer a variety of classes and workshops that include: Ceramics, Sculpture, Fine Kitchen Accessories, Gifts, Pottery, Sculpture, Metalwork, Fine Furniture, Crafts, Handcrafts, Cakes & Pastries, and more. We offer the best in glassblowing education and education that you can get in a small, family focused studio. We offer both the traditional and modern artisans a great learning environment and we have an amazing curriculum.

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