Know about Architect Portfolio

Know about Architect Portfolio


I am an architect, graphic designer, and a freelance illustrator. I have worked with architectural design, interior design, furniture design, packaging design, and design for the film and TV industry. I have experience in 3D modeling, rendering, and 3D editing. I am also a visual artist and a freelance illustrator. You can view my portfolio at:

I am a professional architectural designer with a good knowledge in 3D modeling and rendering. I am also an interior designer. I have also been working in this industry for more than 4 years now. I always try to stay at the latest technology and latest techniques in design and architecture. I have worked in many different architectural and interior design firms, but I also work for private clients. About my company: My company is called, Design & Architecture.

I’m a multi-skilled designer/architect, who was born in Denmark in 1980. I’ve been working in architecture since 2001. I’m now working in England, France and Belgium. About my work: I have an extensive portfolio of architectural designs and 3D modeling. My current projects include the development of the new apartment at the Old Town of Dijon (2013), and the extension of the old port (2013), both in the south of France. I also created the water features of the Old Port of Bruges (2013).

I graduated from the School of Architecture at the University of Bern in Switzerland. After moving to New York, I worked as an architect for the architectural firm, ARCH, in NYC. From there, I decided to start a new career and I worked in a number of projects: commercial, residential and museum. My previous employers include: ARCH, Pritzker Pavilion, and HAC Design.

I am a professional graphic designer, I have a degree in graphic design, I am an experienced architect and interior designer. I have worked on many different projects and I am very flexible and efficient. I have worked in the architecture industry for the last 10 years, and have always been passionate about architecture. I have been working with architects and interior designers for more than a decade, and I can offer my services for any design or architectural projects.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Architecture. I have worked in a few different architectural projects, including a hotel, a school, and an office. I am a full time freelancer. My current goal is to continue to learn more about architecture and architecture related fields.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Architecture and have worked as a professional architect in various architectural studios in Italy, USA and China. I have been working in the architecture since the beginning of 2001 and have worked on projects from hotels, residential, commercial, restaurants and restaurants. I have also worked on projects in the fields of design, graphic design, and interior design.

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