Do you know about Sustainable Fashion Designer

Do you know about Sustainable Fashion Designer

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My name is Claire and I'm 29 years old from Brighton, England, where i am currently studying at the Fashion Design Academy.

As well as designing for women, I also designed some of my own pieces, such as the latest collection for MySpace, 'A Day of Fashion'. My aim is to find patterns, and make garments from the ground up that will last longer. All the designs are hand-made using raw materials, and with natural dye-infused fibers. I also source fabrics from local suppliers. The fabrics come from Europe and other small farms, so they are all organic.

I like to bring these aspects of design to life and I also like to help people and the environment by using new fabrics and new technology to ensure I create a unique garment with lots of life and personality. I have worked for several fashion designers and I have a special interest in modern, organic fabrics. I have a strong love for the fashion industry and I've always wanted to work with designers who are so passionate about the fashion industry.

For example, my sewing skills and process are deeply rooted in British tradition. I have worked on clothing for the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge, the Duchess of York, Princess Anne, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and many more. I am also a very experienced fashion stylist and have worked with fashion designers such as: Marni, Fergus, Stig, Elle Macpherson, and Fergus Mac Cross. I have also worked with the International Fashion Week.

My name is Paul and I'm an Australian, living in Sydney with three children aged 5 years old, 4yrs and 1 year respectively. I love being outdoors but also have a fair bit about me that covers life from film making, writing and sport. I am very passionate about social issues which makes me want change this way...and become active!

I work with and I would love to have the opportunity to collaborate with you on your next project.

Experienced producer, editor & designer whose work has been published in Vogue, Elle Decoration Magazine...

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