Do you know about Sustainable Art Fashion Designer

Do you know about Sustainable Art Fashion Designer


Every piece of clothing, from socks to our comfortable denim, is hand dyed and then hand sewn in Los Angeles. We are an independent, family-owned company that believes in sustainable solutions for our community, and we pride ourselves on quality and sustainability. We are committed to investing in our customers, our business, and our products so that they can remain positive and powerful in the face of ecological devastation.

I started a family with my beautiful wife Lisa in 2004 and we met at work as sewing machines so she could continue her studies on Machine Machining & Sewing. Since then we worked together designing fabrics for suits and scarfs and hats and making new garments each season until 2003,when we decided to separate from our jobs.

I use and love the same hand-sewn leather topper that was shown earlier with my signature faux fur back, with the added sheen of my signature bronze spray. I use a lot of hand paint and a ton of dyes for my work. I have a big collection of them. I also have an incredible team of talented tassel-makers. They craft beautiful tassel art and I am grateful that I am able to share in their work.

My work is inspired by my personal style. If I was not a business woman it would be very difficult to describe my style. I am a woman who dresses to entertain, to feel sexy and to be respected. I love the way people respond to my clothes. I am in a state of constant discovery. I am always fascinated by how others react to my style and how the world reacts to me. My work does not come easily and I enjoy feeling creative and innovative.

Born in Canada, my mother converted to Islam as a young girl. She attended an Islamic school here in Canada but had no idea how radical it was going on at the time, so she started practicing herself (or without knowing). For several years she tried everything from being single, to marriage, to trying to become more Muslim or something else like that.

And I love the people in them! I love the human touch, and how they stand out from everything else I own. I like to think of them as a kind of artfully done wallpaper. They are often painted with a little bit of sparkle, as if the person wearing them is a little bit too beautiful or special to be forgotten or thrown I care about them and their value. I feel that's what makes the things I buy me and my clothes special to me.

My name's Kim, and I live in Seattle. I graduated from Kent State University in 2007 with a Bachelors Degree specializing Biology. In 2010 I completed my degree with honors at UWSE and obtained my massage license there as well.

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