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Our story is one of community empowerment and community-minded leadership which has inspired us to take on the challenges and challenges of sustainable farming in Lancashire. We are proud to partner with our local community in their decision making process. We’re proud to grow local, organic produce in Lancashire and to serve the local community in good quality produce. Our philosophy behind growing organic produce is that we are good stewards of what we produce. We use sustainably sourced raw materials and minimise wastage.

Our story began in the mid 1900's when the Brown family were the first investors in the local farm for which they had the land, the farm was run by a family of farmers and cooperatives, Pollybell was the first organic farm in the area. Our farming philosophy is based on the notion that every aspect of a product, be it food, clothing, shelter, clothing, shelter, needs to be organic, sustainable and sustainable for future generations. It is our view that, although a food product can be produced ethically, it is not possible to eliminate the need for the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides.

We believe that we are passionate about our farms, our family, our community and our farm community. We are committed to providing quality organic produce for our customers and we are passionate about protecting and enhancing our land and our local community. We also look to provide a healthy and sustainable environment that is in keeping with the Brown family values. All our products are sourced from the best farmland in our area. Please note: For our organic produce, the organic certification bodies can only be found in our produce, so all the produce we source has to pass a stringent inspection.

We aim to provide you with an alternative source of quality fish (and eggs!) which has been sourced from sustainable farmers where we pay excellent market prices so that you are able enjoy fresh and nutritious meals when and where they may be most beneficial to your health. Our goal is simple – to help people live healthier lives by sourcing foods based on proven nutritional value rather than simply buying whatever tastes good at the supermarket. By living better together each week through diet, exercise as well helping our customers build up their own collection of home grown plants or animals - even planting more trees & herbs!

Our story is one of resilience: we grew food for our children and grandchildren, and now we are looking to do the same for our community. Through the company, we will be working with people who are hungry, having difficulty with their health, or simply wanting to know what is really in their food – for the consumer. In October, we will launch a new online store, with a focus on sustainable food and green business advice. Now is a perfect time to join the Brown Revolution.

Our story encompasses a love for agriculture, organic farming, conservation and local communities. It has been a privilege and honour to help these families to grow and grow organically. Our mission is to help them achieve this by using our expertise and knowledge to ensure that the farmer’s produce is as delicious as possible. We believe that the most rewarding thing about making artisanal food is that the most rewarding part could be anything. We want to share this passion with you.

In early 2019, we are launching 'The Organic Garden', an online shop where anyone can grow or purchase fresh produce from independent farmers around the world to help support people who may be on a tight budget while making sure our small operation remains environmentally responsible.

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