About Permaculture Agriculture Farming

About Permaculture Agriculture Farming


We are a holistic wellness company. We help people find their inner balance by training in different methods of living that incorporate both traditional and organic ways of living. We are a team of people that love living, that love living in the way nature designed. Our approach is to support you in living a life that is healthy and free of waste and chemicals.

We believe that a plant-based diet can help you to look and feel your best. We offer an incredible range of organic and natural products. We believe in supporting and nurturing local farmers, producers, and craftsmen. We make sure that we are constantly learning and exploring new ideas and techniques, so that we can make the best out of our lives and help you to be the best you can be.

We believe that without a strong foundation of knowledge it is very difficult or impossible learn how do anything about what the world has to offer; therefore we create an entirely non-invasive approach through learning permaculture principles in order not only educate but also influence others around them.

We are organic farmers and we work together with our clients to implement sustainable organic farming techniques in their business. We use natural, organic and sustainable agricultural products such as products from organic farming. Our clients are individuals, corporations and institutions who want to learn about organic farming and how it can help them. Through our courses we help them to grow food that is organic, sustainable and responsible, which is the best and most nutritious food available today. About us: We are an organic farm and training centre that is dedicated to helping people grow their organic farming business.

We are a group of people who love living in nature. From the ground up we build sustainable communities within each course by studying local resources, creating community gardens and enjoying life every day together.

There is no greater satisfaction than seeing that your customers have been successful!

We are a new concept in this field which aims at offering the best permaculture approach without compromising on quality or sustainability. With an eco-friendly culture, we offer over 70 classes such of small workshops, group sessions, coaching etc. You can book online by clicking below!

We believe in the importance of maintaining the integrity of our environment, and in our ability to adapt to changing times. We are passionate about learning, and we want to share it with our clients. We understand that we have a huge responsibility in the maintenance and education of our landscape and the land we live on. We believe in the power of plants and the role they can play in the way we live. We love what we do.

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