How to escape the heat of summer amidst the fear of corona? Learn this easy solution

The unbearable heat of summer causes a number of people to suffer from heatstroke and sun stroke. This condition can often be fatal. We have to take care of ourselves.

Zee Bureau, Ahmedabad: On the one hand, the current wave of Corona has caused an outcry. There on the other hand now this harsh summer and heat is also bothering people. In hot days, people often die due to heatstroke or sun stroke. Then there is inflammation in the soles of the feet, inflammation in the eyes and unconsciousness.

The scorching heat makes people's lives difficult, with people facing more problems because of the heat. Drinking too much cold water in summer or wearing it in the sun without a hat can cause heat stroke. In this situation everyone needs to know how to survive the loo? Learn how to avoid loo

Easy Ways to Avoid Lothi:

Wearing a mask can prevent infection when you need an umbrella in hand to get out of the house to avoid the sun and heat, or to cover your head with a cloth or hat.

1) Avoid going out in the current caronal period until done. And if necessary, wear a mask, a hat and a water bottle.

2) Drink water frequently on hot days so that the amount of water in the body does not decrease.

3) Do not drink water directly from outside even by mistake. After a while, drink potable water, if you drink cold water immediately, you will get hot.

4) On hot days, empty stomach should not be taken out at all. The energy level in the body decreases sooner this season which increases the chances of getting heatstroke.

5) If the AC or cooler is in a very cold place and you have to go out suddenly, do not go to a hot place immediately, it can cause heat stroke. Take a few minutes to bring your body temperature back to normal.

6) Do not drink cold water immediately after excessive sweating, which can be dangerous.

7) Mango, lychee, watermelon, citrus etc. protect from fruit loo. Apart from this, you should drink yogurt, buttermilk, buttermilk, lassi, mango syrup etc.

8) Have a light meal on hot days but that doesn't mean you have to stop the diet altogether. Even light meals need to be eaten on a full stomach.

9) According to home remedies, lick onion juice in honey after coming out of the sun, it also reduces the risk of getting heatstroke. Regular consumption of raw onions is also beneficial.

10) You can also drink by making vegetable juice or soup which can also prevent heatstroke.

11) In summer season, jaggery, tomato sauce, coconut and melon should be eaten, which also reduces the risk of heatstroke.

12) If the body is inflamed due to heat, it is relieved by mixing chickpea flour in water and applying it on the inflamed area.

13) It is believed that rubbing onions on the nails does not cause heatstroke and eating raw onions can also prevent it.

14) Absolutely stop eating out in hot weather. Eat only home-made nutritious food.

15) Drink lemon juice two to three times a day from time to time. Which will maintain the amount of glucose in the body.

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