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What are the Top Paying Google Keywords by injury lawyer

This is useful for people targeting Adsense income. The pay per click google advertising is a key parameter in this scenario. Though you have low traffic, but even if you get one click, the $ you get are awesome.

car accident lawyer170770023
personal injury attorney1001000027
injury lawyer100540024
rn to bsn online95300034
online mba programs90660050
water damage restoration80900024
drug rehab75550065
auto insurance quote702800076
online college701200083
online mba701100050
rn to bsn7063005
accredited online colleges70590074
online college courses601200053
tax attorney6094003
psychology degree60680030
online masters programs551200042
accord definition55900014
answering service55860052
network security501700016
data center501500035
car insurance florida50970026
alcohol detox50630042
best auto insurance451700055
cloud backup451200083
business degree45940026
water damage45830032
car donation40930017
affordable car insurance40740048
online nursing programs40650042
cold water extraction4037000

The criteria for choosing these keywords are based on a volume greater than 3000. The CPC also for these keywords is more than or equal to 40. Though the google pay per click price is taken from Google Ads ( or the Adwords) database, it is slightly different. This is because, the most expensive google keywords shown above are from Ahrefs keyword tool database.

If you want to get data from a free keyword traffic estimator tool like “Google Keyword Planner” the average cost of google adwords would be different.

car accident lawyer331000.68214.26
rn to bsn online54000.91133.2
personal injury attorney222000.5124.54
injury lawyer222000.65102.46
rn to bsn81000.8999.31
online colleges740000.8679.14
tax attorney121000.776.14
water damage restoration148000.6874.84
online mba programs121000.9273.07
answering service81000.7865.89
accredited online colleges81000.8960.19
car insurance florida121000.9359.27
auto insurance quotes1100000.9458.8
car donation271000.7950.38

As you can observe there is a difference between the CPC and suggested bid of the top paying keywords on Google. If you have taken the data from another paid tool like SEMrush it would have been different either.

But this should not confuse you much. It is also important of the date when this data was populated and from what source you got from. If the same keywords are from Australia Google database, the cost per click would be lot of different.
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